Republicans Set to Release “High Five Heidi” Jingle Ad Which Sounds Like Those Annoying Subway Ads


It’s that time of year where the political campaigns begin carpet bombing the electorate with advertising, thus this little jingle from the National Republican Senatorial Committee which is about to be piledrived into your cerebral cortex.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m hearing that “five dollar foot long” jingle when that plays. Which is probably a plus for the Republicans.

Is it annoying? Yes, yes it is.

Will you ever be able to stop singing it to yourself? No, probably not. And that’s the point.

The “high five Heidi” thing is a reference to incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp giving Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a high-five on the floor of the Senate after she cast a vote against a federal 20-week abortion ban.

Video here.

Whatever your position on abortion, we should all hope that our policymakers could show a bit more decorum than that around the issue.

The Pulitzer Prize winning fact checkers at Politifact didn’t see a high five in that video. They described it as “a very gradual meeting of awkwardly waving hands.”

Or, you know, how old people high five each other.