Republicans need to wake up to the reality that Putin’s buddy Trump is a loser


MINOT, N.D. — Let me preface this column by telling you that the issues around Hunter Biden and his various dealings as the son of one of America’s most prominent political leaders are real. They’re worthy of debate and scrutiny.

What I’m about to write in no way diminishes that fact.

That established, how can supporters of former President Donald Trump defend his appeal to Vladimir Putin for political dirt on the Bidens?

“Amid widespread criticism of his praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin, former President Donald Trump publicly called on Putin on Tuesday to release any dirt he might have on Hunter Biden, the president’s son,” NBC News reports .

Trump is asking a foreign dictator who violently suppresses political dissent in Russia, who heavily censors the information Russians are allowed to see, who is bombing pediatric hospitals and other medical facilities in Ukraine, a man President Joe Biden has rightly called a “butcher,” to intervene in a domestic political squabble.

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