NDGOP chairman rips ‘rogue’ group promoting rule changes at upcoming state convention


MINOT, N.D. — With the NDGOP’s state convention set to kick off Friday, party chairman Perrie Schafer is disavowing messages sent to delegates from what he describes as a “rogue group” promoting sweeping rule changes.

I wrote about these rule changes earlier this week . They’re being promoted by supporters of Senate candidate Rick Becker, who has a decent chance of winning the endorsement of the state convention but isn’t likely to win against popular incumbent Sen. John Hoeven in the June primary.

The June primary vote chooses which candidates represent the parties on the ballot. The candidates endorsed at the party conventions are automatically placed on that ballot. All other challengers must collect signatures to get ballot access.

Schafer says the group, calling itself the “Ad Hoc NDGOP 2022 Convention Rules Committee,” is misleading the delegates.

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