Republicans Can’t Get Along, and Democrats Can’t Win; Readers Chat Live With Rob Port and Democrat Chad Oban at 2 P.m.


The world of North Dakota politics, in the current moment, is one in which Republicans can’t get along, and Democrats can’t win.

A faction of the North Dakota Republican Party, deeply aligned with former President Donald Trump and the Legislature’s Bastiat Caucus, has launched a largely unsuccessful campaign to take over the state party. Yet though they’ve fallen short, their actions at local district meetings, including censuring sitting Republican lawmakers, have roiled the NDGOP.

Meanwhile, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL has chosen new leadership for a party that hasn’t won much of anything for going on three decades.

Can the NDGOP’s political dominance survive this fraught and divisive moment?

Can the Democratic-NPL overcome the toxicity of its brand to take advantage of Republican infighting?

Chad Oban, a former executive director of the Democratic-NPL, joins this episode of Plain Talk to discuss.

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