Read It: Report Says Fire Which Burned Down Property Reportedly Owned by Craig Cobb Was Set Intentionally


A property in Nome, North Dakota, reportedly owned by white supremacist Craig Cobb burned down under suspicious circumstances. Now a report from the state Fire Marshall concludes that it was intentionally set.

But there aren’t a lot of details beyond that. Certainly nothing to indicate whodunit.

“It is my opinion an unknown person or persons intentionally set fire to the area near the southeast walk-in door of this building using an undetermined open flame device; therefore I am labeling the cause of this fire to be incendiary,” the report states in its conclusion.

You can read it in full report below. It mentions photos but I’m told by the AG’s office that those are part of an active law enforcement investigation and thus not yet public.

Interestingly, there is some doubt as to whether or not Cobb even owns the property. You’ll notice the report indicates the owners as “Kevin Richman and Alexis (Wolf) Haseleu,” not Cobb.

I actually interviewed Cobb on the radio back on March 27. He wasn’t terribly coherent, but he made reference to some sort of dispute over ownership of the property, meaning Wolf frequently:

[fcc_jw_player key=”MGx6HY5f”]

“If they want to keep pushing I just may very well retain the lot and build a building there and still make The President Donald J. Trump Creativity Church of Rome, not Nome,” Cobb told me during the interview.

“I’m really, really interested in getting even with people,” he continued.

In previous reports at least one Nome resident said there were rumors before the fire that some, unhappy with Cobb’s activities in their community, wanted to burn the property down.

According to Barnes County Sheriff Randy McClaflin, the investigation into the matter continues.

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