Question of the Week: What Would You Do with the State Surplus?


North Dakota’s surplus is not new news, and what to do with it has been a topic of conversation not only at the Capital but most likely in every cafe, bar, or other gathering place (including the online ones) dotting the 70,700 square miles of our state. The surplus of course has been the direct or indirect topic of several posts here on SAB.

Those in the Legislature and Executive Branch of course have their own ideas on how this windfall should be managed. I have been told some in these branches actually find it is more of a challenge to have to deal with such a large surplus than when times are lean and what funding is available has to be stretched. But, not a one of them would be willing to give it up either (whether those reasons are self serving in nature, or for the good of the state is a matter of debate for another time).

With the above in mind, we thought we would focus our SAB Question of the Week on the surplus, and let you have a chance to answer the following:

North Dakota’s surplus is part of a big reason why we are the envy of the nation economically. But it’s continued growth needs to be addressed (yes, a good problem to have). If it were completely up to you, what would be done with our surplus, how would you contain it’s growth, and why?