Prospects for coal exports dim in the Northwest


By Zack Colman | Washington Examiner

PORTLAND It might be a little too early for a victory lap, but Cesia Kearns is getting warmed up.

The Sierra Club‘s campaign organizer has been fighting to block a slate of proposed Oregon coal export projects. And the Morrow Pacific project looks like it’s in trouble. If it fails to win state approval, it’s possible that coal exports in the Pacific Northwest will never materialize — a move that would bruise the domestic coal industry, which is trying to ship to growing Asian markets.

It’s also a place where environmental activists see a chance to have a say on climate policy when lawmakers on the other side of the country have stalled.

“We’ve had so many challenges with Congress on a number of issues, but we know locally we can do better and we can rely on our state decision makers to protect our families,” Kearns said.

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