Pro-Israel Group Hits Heitkamp on Iran Vote, Says She Voted to Unlock “$150 Billion for Global Terror”


A pro-Israel group has launched an ad, with a $225,000 buy behind it according to their press release, ripping Senator Heidi Heitkamp for supporting the Obama administration’s deal with Iran.

The ad features Marine veteran Grant Neal telling the audience that the deal “unlocked $150 billion for global terror.”

The ad “will air on Fargo broadcast TV, on cable statewide, and digital statewide through the end of the month,” the group’s press release states.

There hasn’t been a lot of focus on Heitkamp’s foreign policy record this election cycle, and I think that’s probably a mistake for her critics. It’s probably Heitkamp’s weakest area in terms of policy expertise, and she’s prone to uncharacteristic fumbles in that area.

Remember Heitkamp’s “we’re trusting the Russians” gaffe on Syria back in 2013? That was embarrassing. Another third party group hit Heitkamp on those comments earlier this year, but for the most part Republicans and Republican-aligned groups have been quiet on this front.

Again, a mistake I think. This is an area where Heitkamp’s record isn’t great, and don’t forget that according to the (very little) public polling we have available to us security is a top issue for North Dakota voters.