Private organizations ‘profiteer’ off Michigan education system


By Tom Gantert | Michigan Capitol Confidential

Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook does not like charter public schools and says he is concerned about how they are funded.

“If we’re going to be honest with ourselves for just a second, we have to acknowledge there is simply too many people and private corporations making too much money off the public schools with very little student learning to show for it,” Cook told the State Board of Education, according to a story in MIRS.

Cook’s total compensation was $212,848 in 2013 as president of the MEA, a private organization with annual revenue of $133 million. The MEA, which is the state’s largest teachers union, has 120 employees who have annual salaries of $100,000 or more, according to reports filed with the IRS.

Neither Cook, nor an MEA spokeswoman responded to a request for comment.

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