Print Column: Who Is to Blame When We Vote for Politicians Who Promise Things They Can’t Possibly Deliver?


MINOT, N.D. — The presidential campaign season has begun in earnest, though it would be hard to blame you if you felt like that season is never really over.

Republicans have an incumbent in the White House, and the Democrats have an ant hill of candidates scrambling all over one another to draw the attention of voters.

These candidates are on the hunt to create “viral moments” for themselves, the Washington Postreported recently, be they organic or carefully choreographed by campaign consultants.

These moments would be something like a witty Twitter reply, or perhaps an exchange that can be turned into a GIF image.

Years ago I attended a conference where one of the speakers said the politicians of the future, if they want to get the attention of voters, would have to reduce their messaging down to the point where it could fit on a cat meme.

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