Print Column: The Left Wants to Marginalize States Like North Dakota in National Politics


MINOT, N.D. — As Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court over the weekend mobs of angry protesters sowed chaos in our nation’s capital.

For the sin of not treating uncorroborated accusations as gospel, these left wing activists promised they are going to take the gloves off.

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot, along with two others, on a baseball field in Virginia last year by a man enraged by politics. Senator Rand Paul was assaulted while raking leaves in his backyard. He had difficulty breathing for months afterward.

Isolated incidents, sure, but remember Republican leaders are already targeted for harassment at their homes as a routine tactic of protesters. A Democratic congressional staffer is currently under indictment for doxxing Republican leaders on the internet during the Kavanaugh debate.

If the left hasn’t already taken the gloves off, I shudder to think what it means when they do.

Perhaps we can hope “gloves off” only means terrible policy proposals, like diminishing the importance of states like North Dakota in national politics.

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