Print Column: ‘Progressive’ Energy Policy Hampers Progress


MINOT, N.D. — It’s remarkable how many self-described progressives are against progress.

Is it progress for hundreds of thousands of Californians to go without electricity in blackouts power company officials say may be necessary for at least the next decade?

Our modern society, with all of its speed and convenience, is built on the back of affordable and reliable energy. Blackouts are not progress but a regress. One that’s almost impossible to contemplate happening in one of the most prosperous states in the nation.

And yet the blackouts are very must the result of progressive policies. The sort of policies those sympathetic with left-wing activist Greta Thunberg are supporting.

The power company in California says the blackouts are necessary for public safety — to limit the potential for more wildfires, specifically — and will continue until they can make billions of dollars of investments in infrastructure upgrades.

Yet that same power company is spending billions of dollars every year to comply with California’s renewable energy mandates.

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