Print Column: North Dakota Is Still Seeing a Rising Tide of Anti-Vaccination Sentiment


MINOT, N.D. – “Measles Count in US This Year Already More Than All of 2018” is a headline which popped up in my feeds this week.

It was not an April Fool’s prank (a holiday feels a bit superfluous in the strange days of 2019).

The headline is real news from The Associated Press. “The number of U.S. measles cases through the first three months of this year have surpassed the count for all of 2018, health officials say,” the organization reports.

There’s no need for this. According to the CDC, the vaccine for measles is 97 percent effective. The problem is fewer people are getting vaccinated. “Most people who get measles have not been vaccinated,” the AP reports.

Let’s bring this ugly news home.

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