Print Column: Let’s Talk About How We’re Going to Replace Kennedy at UND

MINOT, N.D. – Reading the headline, I’m sure some of you readers think I’m getting ahead of myself.

After all, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy got a bit ahead of himself when he sent a goodbye letter to the campus community, touting himself as the sole finalist for a new gig at the University of Colorado.

He doesn’t actually have that job yet and given some of the pushback he’s getting – mostly due to his socially conservative voting record as a Republican member of Congress – he may not get it. As I write this, at least one official who voted to make Kennedy a finalist has gone on the record saying she’s reconsidering the decision.

What a colossal gaffe that would be for Kennedy, bidding North Dakota farewell (and suggesting we’re a bunch of racists along the way) only to find out the job he’s leaving for isn’t waiting for him.

Which brings me back to the headline.

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