Print Column: Hollywood’s Celebrity Activists Just Bought Their Way Onto ND’s Statewide Ballot

Dina Butcher delivers a proposed ballot measure creating an ethics commission to Secretary of State Al Jaeger. Pictures center, in the back, is fellow measure organizer Ellen Chaffee. Both are now asking supporters to consider a measure without an ethics commission.

Amid a cloud of smug self righteousness a group calling themselves the North Dakotans for Public Integrity announced this week that their constitutional measure was approved for the November ballot.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to circulate their petitions using paid signature collectors they were, not surprisingly, able to collect about 10,000 more signatures than they needed.

The group says they’re promoting ethics — they call their measure the North Dakota Anti-Corruption Amendment — yet their very name is a deception.

The people behind this effort are, for the most part, not North Dakotans.

Nor do they have integrity.

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