Print Column: America Is an Idea That’s Greater Than This Ugly Moment


MINOT, N.D. — As we approach the most patriotic of American holidays there are reminders all around us that, for a certain faction of the American public, patriotism isn’t fashionable any more.

The evidence is everywhere.

Watch all the people using the ‘Murica slur on social media this 4th of July, a neologism invented to mock love of country as though it were the sort of thing unwashed troglodytes get up to when not pursuing romantic relationships with family members.

Quarterback-turned-celebrity activist Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a contract to play football these days, but he does have an endorsement deal with Nike and used his clout with the company to nix a sneaker honoring Betsy Ross.

The reasoning of this intellectual giant is that the sneaker featured a version of the American flag which existed when our nation still allowed slavery.

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