President Obama's Mentor Bill Ayers: My Bombings Weren't Like The Boston Bombings


Leftist radical and former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, who was instrumental in the launch of President Obama’s political career, told a crowd recently that his bomb-setting days weren’t anything like what the Tsarnaev brothers did in Boston.

Because, uh, reasons?

Bill Ayers says people can’t equate the bombings that he and others in the Weather Underground did 40 or so years ago with the April 15 twin bombings in Boston that killed three people.

There is no relationship at all between what Weather Underground members did and the bombings that two brothers allegedly committed on April 15 in Massachusetts, Ayers said in response to a reporter’s question. No one died in the Weather Underground bombings.

Nobody died, claimed Ayers (who was also a recent guest at Moorhead State University, stirring controversy that is still costing that institution money) but that’s not exactly true. During his speech he mentions three of his friends and fellow Weather Underground members who died.

How did it happen? They were killed making nail-bombs that were intended for a military dance:

In his talk to the crowd, Ayers mentioned that in 1970, he lost three friends in the Weather Underground, including his lover, Diana Oughton. He did not explain in his talk how they died – they were killed when nail bombs they were making in a Greenwich Village townhouse blew up.

Telling the crowd the circumstances of those deaths would have been “inappropriate,” Ayers said afterward. “Everybody here knows,” he said.

Authorities said the bombs were intended to be used at a dance at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey.

It seems the only difference between Ayers and the Tsarnaev brothers is competence. Both the Tsarnaev’s and the Weather Underground intended to advance a political message through fear, injury and murder.

The Tasarnaev’s were just better at it.