President George Clooney? Don’t bet on it


JACKIE AND JFK? Hardly. An oddsmaker pegs George Clooney as a 100-to-1 shot to be the next American president, but don’t bet on it.

By Johnny Kampis |

CULLMAN, Ala. — Who’s your next presidential pick? Chris Christie or Rand Paul? Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

If your inclination skews more toward George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, some sportsbooks will happily take your bets.

British oddsmaker William Hill recently pegged Jolie a 250-to-1 shot of being elected the next U.S. president after she received honorary damehood from the Queen of England for her humanitarian work.

That occurred a week after William Hill gave Clooney a 100-to-1 shot after the notorious playboy finally settled down and married Alma Alamuddin.

If you’re tempted to take those odds, I’ve got some Nebraska oceanfront property I’d like to sell you.

“There are often celebrities who use their fame to influence policies around the world, and Angelina is the latest to highlight issues around the globe,” said William Hill. “Should she wish to head into politics, she would surely do a fantastic job.”

She might do a good job in politics, but she won’t be the next president.

Neither will Clooney, even though he once played a presidential contender in 2011’s “Ides of March.” And neither will Donald Trump, another 100-to-1 shot who actually ran for president on the Republican ticket in 2014, gaining little traction, and is considering another run in 2016.

Lady Gaga at 500 to 1? Please.

Sportsbooks throw out these sorts of prop bets as much for publicity (yes, we’re feeding the beast here, aren’t we?) as they do to hook the occasional sucker. The actual chances of any of these people (aside from Trump, perhaps) actually running and winning the American presidency in 2016 is significantly greater, about on par with the woeful 0-6 Jacksonville Jaguars winning this year’s Super Bowl — or me winning next year’s World Series of Poker.

So who’s the actual favorite to be our next president? Love her or hate her, the Democratic Clinton is a significant favorite in William Hill’s book at 5 to 4, followed by Republican hopeful Marco Rubio at 9 to 1.