Car accidents happen all the time. Some people walk away without a scratch and count their lucky stars. Other unfortunate folks deserve compensation to treat injuries received from a crash. The website,, shares a story about a San Antonio woman, who was involved in an auto collision resulting in minor injuries but then filed multiple fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, totaling nearly $30,000. (Chances are the multiple claims raised a few red flags.)

The article states that the woman falsely represented the pain sustained and the medical treatments received for her injuries as a result of the collision. Investigators assigned to the case interviewed the doctors, who had provided medical treatment, and verified that the problems she was experiencing were caused by pre-existing conditions and not the collision.

The fraudster was convicted of a third-degree felony charge of Insurance Fraud ($20,000 – $100,000). She was sentenced to serve four years in prison for the crime.

The fraudster definitely failed at fooling investigators in this case. However, she did a good job of fooling herself into thinking that defrauding the government was really worth a momentary gain of $29,925.85. Could that amount of money be worth risking personal freedom for prison time? (At least while serving time in prison, she will be off the streets and unlikely to be involved in any other auto accidents or fraudulent claims.)

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