Port: You can’t have it both ways on Jan. 6, Sen. Cramer


MINOT, N.D. — Sen. Kevin Cramer has long been a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump. He was among the first members of Congress to endorse Trump back in 2016. He’s been a consistent defender of Trump, through one scandal after another, and an advocate for Trump’s policies.

But there is clear evidence that Cramer is souring on Trump.

Cramer supports Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression, even going so far as to give President Joe Biden some modest praise for visiting the country amid the war there, a clear break from where Trump is on foreign policy.

Cramer has also called the Jan. 6, 2021, revisionism from Trump sycophant ( at least in public ) Tucker Carlson precisely what it is: “a lie.”

More recently, Cramer has signaled a desire to move on from Trump. While he hasn’t explicitly endorsed anyone yet, during an appearance on “Meet the Press” this weekend, he said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has earned the right to be the frontrunner in the GOP’s 2024 primary , while simultaneously expressing concern about there being “too many people in the race.”

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