Port: North Dakota has banned gender-care for children, but the debate should continue


MINOT, N.D. — One of the most contentious issues before the just-completed legislative session in Bismarck was a ban on gender-care for children — specifically surgical interventions and the use of puberty blockers and hormone treatments.

Lawmakers passed the bill, sponsored by state Rep. Brandon Prichard, a Republican from Bismarck, and Gov. Doug Burgum signed it into law.

The debate around the bill was something less than nuanced.

Prichard, for what it’s worth, is a child. An immature twenty-something, elected in 2022 without an opponent while running on a culture war platform. His motivations for proposing this legislation weren’t so much rooted in genuine empathy and concern but a need to “own the libs.” On Twitter, he reacted to his bill becoming law by posting a gif showing characters from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” having a celebratory dance.

This legislation impacts people’s lives, dramatically, yet this chucklehead carried on like he just scored a touchdown.

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