Port: A bill drafting error, made during the end-of-session rush, could call lawmakers back to Bismarck


MINOT — I’ve been going on and on – ad nauseum, some of you readers tell me – about how much time North Dakota’s lawmakers wasted on book bans and pronoun bans and other minutiae from the culture war.

But it’s an important topic. The Legislature wasted so much time and money on hearings over own-the-libs nonsense and ripped-from-Fox-News ephemera that they resorted to using “fake days,” at a heavy cost to the taxpayers, to stay under their 80-day session limit.

The taxpayers ought to be aware of that.

And here’s another data point to consider while we evaluate the discreditable performance of the Legislature this session.

Because hours and hours of committee time and floor time were squandered on bills such as one that would have allowed snowflake parents to file suit against teachers for any classroom content they found objectionable (thankfully, that one failed), the hard work of consequential budgeting got crammed into the final hours of the session.

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