Port: NDGOP should watch carefully as Georgia’s governor breaks away from his Trump-addled state party


MINOT, N.D. — In Georgia last year, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp won a decisive re-election on the statewide ballot despite headwinds from MAGA-world, including his own state party. In fact, Kemp fared significantly better than Trump-backed candidates on the ballot.

Now the governor, viewing his Trump-addled state party as an impediment to future electoral success, is looking for a break. He’s formed a new leadership committee and is staffing it as a tool for electing traditional conservatives outside the Georgia GOP.

Kemp says “we can no longer rely on the traditional party infrastructure to win in the future.”

The NDGOP ought to take note.

The influence on North Dakota’s Republicans of an obnoxious minority of rabid Trump fanatics , who have abandoned all but a superficial semblance of traditional conservative values like limited government and individual liberty, has been palpable.

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