Plain Talk: Sen. Cramer praises Biden for trip to Ukraine


MINOT, N.D. — There aren’t a lot of Republicans in the United States Senate willing to praise President Joe Biden for his trip to Kyiv, in Ukraine, which is a war zone. That’s what Senator Kevin Cramer told me on this episode of Plain Talk.

But Cramer himself? He thinks the president did good. He called the trip “gutsy” and “appropriate.”

Staying on the national security topic, we discussed the Chinese spy balloon situation, which is where Cramer did have some criticism for the Biden administration. He said a lack of communication from the public drove an overreaction to the balloons, making many Americans, and people in the international community, feel as though our military and intelligence agencies were less prepared to handle the balloons than they really were.

Also on this episode: Why is the Biden administration’s EPA so hostile to carbon capture and pipeline projects when the infrastructure bill Congress passed before the midterms, one President Biden himself championed, did a great deal to fund and facilitate those projects?

And are we classifying too many documents? Cramer says yes.

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