Port: Doug Burgum would like you to buy his golf balls


MINOT, N.D. — Doug Burgum’s presidential campaign is selling golf balls.

No, really. “We want to send you a set of these!” read the subject line for a fundraising email that landed in my inbox today.

Riffing on the risible American tradition of Republicans being outraged at the amount of time Democratic presidents play golf (and vice versa when we have a Republican president), the email suggests that the incumbent, President Joe Biden, is the worst at that sort of thing in the history of politics.

“Joe Biden is playing more golf than almost any other President in modern history,” the email claims. “We all agree the President should spend more time in the Oval Office and less time on the golf course, spending taxpayers’ dollars. Yet, we don’t want to hold YOU back from getting your own Official Doug Burgum for America Golf Ball Set.”


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