Port: Bismarck school board member reportedly urinated in the back of a police car


MINOT, N.D. — Emily Eckroth is a Bismarck-area physician, the wife of former Republican legislative candidate Ryan Eckroth, and an elected member of the Bismarck School Board.

She’s also, as alleged in a police report, someone who became so incensed at law enforcement officers during a traffic stop that she urinated in the back of a squad car.

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, Sept. 3, Eckroth’s husband was stopped by Burleigh County deputies for allegedly failing to maintain his lane on Interstate 94 in Bismarck. During the stop, while Ryan was subjected to field sobriety tests, Emily Eckroth became verbally abusive to the deputies. She “was immediately disrespectful,” Deputy Joe Citta wrote, and she “began to yell ‘This is b——-‘ towards deputies and began to record deputies” while they tested her husband.

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