Port: Addiction counselors fighting marijuana legalization aren’t doing their clients any favors


MINOT, N.D. — Last week we got news that a group was forming to formally oppose Measure 2, which would legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota.

It intrigued me that the effort is being led by an addiction counselor.

“Fargo addiction counselor Kristie Spooner filed paperwork on Wednesday, Oct. 5, to create a committee called Healthy and Productive North Dakota that will publicly oppose Measure 2,” our Jeremy Turley reports .

I don’t know Spooner. I can’t speak to her personal motivations. But her status as an addiction counselor fighting to keep marijuana prohibition in place strikes an odd note.

Do you suppose that the status quo prohibition of recreational marijuana makes treating marijuana addiction harder or easier? We know that prohibition isn’t stopping anyone from getting marijuana, since it’s everywhere, but it does keep the use of marijuana underground.

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