Poll: GOP support for Obamacare ‘private’ option in AR is plummeting


By Nic Horton | The Arkansas Project

Talk Business has released a new poll on the approval rating of the Obamacare “private” option from likely Republican primary voters. If you’re a fan of the PO, you may not like the results.

According to the latest survey, which was conducted last week, 54 percent of likely GOP voters oppose the “private” option. Just 23 percent favor the program, indicating an overall disapproval of nearly 2-to-1. Here’s the big picture: these latest numbers show a 13-point swing in favorability amongst GOPers in the last few months.

In January, TB reported that 45 percent of Republicans opposed the plan, with 27 percent supporting. Now, disapproval stands at 54 percent and approval is only at 23 percent, a margin of 31%. Disapproval is growing rapidly — and approval is slowly, but surely, dropping.

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