Podcast: Senator Heidi “Works With Anyone” Heitkamp Won’t Work With This Group


On the radio show today, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been making a lot of noise about how she’s bi-partisan. She’s even used titles like “works with anyone” for her campaign advertising.

But will she really work with anyone?

Linda Thorson, the North Dakota state director for Concerned Women of America, says her group has been trying for nearly six years to get a meeting with Heitkamp or even a member of her staff and haven’t once been successful.

“We haven’t been able to work with her for years,” Thorson told me adding that her group is “not welcome in her office even to meet with her staffers.”

Thorson’s group is definitely right-of-center, and socially conservative, but she says there are issues like human trafficking where they agree with Heitkamp and would like to work with her as they do with leaders like Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Congressman Kevin Cramer, and Senator John Hoeven.

“Don’t take a commercial as fact when [Heitkamp] says she’ll work with anyone,” Thorson told me.

I also had state Rep. Todd Porter on about some controversy over efforts to implement new wildlife mitigation policies for the wind industry.

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