Plain Talk: What is 30 by 30, and why do some say it’s a threat to farming?


MINOT, N.D. — What is 30 by 30 ?

It’s an agreement, pushed by the global environmental movement, that would see participating countries place 30% of their land mass and controlled waters into conservation by the year 2030.

For some, this is setting off alarm bells. On this episode of Plain Talk, radio host, farming/ranching activist, and sixth-generation Nebraska farmer Trent Loos talks about the proposal and what he sees as a risk to food security.

To be clear, the government already controls a lot of American land. The feds control over 28%, and that increases to well over 30% when you include state lands.

Loos says further push to take land out of agricultural production would exacerbate a problem that already exists. Every year millions of acres of arable farm land are lost to urbanization as our communities grow.

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