Plain Talk: ‘We can’t win as the old Democratic Party of the past’


MINOT, N.D. — “I would not vote for Nancy Pelosi” to be speaker of the House.

So says Mark Haugen, who received the North Dakota Democratic-NPL’s endorsement at their state convention in Minot last month , and is currently running unopposed in the primary.

He’s far from a cookie-cutter progressive candidate for the Dems.

He’s pro-life, for one, at a time when it’s hard to find any Democrats anywhere who aren’t categorically in favor of abortion.

He’s also like to see more moderate and pragmatic Democratic leadership.

“We can’t win as the old Democratic Party of the past,” he said on this episode of Plain Talk.

Also on this episode, Chad and I talk more about the aftermath of the NDGOP’s state convention, as well as some surprises in a couple of local district conventions that have happened since, including one in District 3 (Minot) where newcomers were locked out , and one in District 13 (West Fargo) where long-time lawmaker and current speaker of the House Rep. Kim Koppelman didn’t receive the convention endorsement .