Plain Talk: Should Sen. John Hoeven skip the convention?


MINOT, N.D. — In a development I wouldn’t have predicted a year ago, popular incumbent Sen. John Hoeven, facing a primary challenge from state Rep. Rick Becker, may skip the NDGOP’s endorsing convention .


Because it’s not a sure thing that he’ll win the endorsement, despite never receiving less than 70% in any statewide election since 2000.

He also may be afraid that the turbulence within the NDGOP could manifest itself at the convention in embarrassing ways. Can you imagine the headlines if Hoeven were to be booed while addressing his own state party?

Would Hoeven skipping the convention be a good idea? Chad Oban and I play political consultant on this episode of Plain Talk.

Also, Superintendent Kirsten Baesler stops by to chat about the ongoing challenges the state is facing when it comes to not just recruiting new teachers, but keeping existing teachers on the job.

In a society where respect for so many of our cultural institutions — from the news media to law enforcement, government and education — is eroding our educators are taking it on the chin. How can we fix that?