Plain Talk: ND’s teacher retention problem, and should parents get taxpayer dollars for private schools?


MINOT, N.D. — A new survey from North Dakota United, the state’s combined public worker and teacher union, finds strong evidence that teachers are feeling burned out.

Why? A lot of the same reasons many of us are feeling burned out. It’s politics and the pandemic and shifting attitudes about compensation levels.

On this episode of Plain Talk, co-host Chad Oban and I interview Nick Archuleta, the president of North Dakota United, about the survey’s findings.

And, as Fargo looks to become home to a new private school affiliated with ideologically conservative Hillsdale College, we talk about the push for school choice policy.

Should North Dakota taxpayers get to use taxpayer dollars to send their kids to a non-public school? Or even homeschool them? Archuleta joins us in that discussion as well.

(Full disclosure: Oban’s day job is at North Dakota United.)

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