Plain Talk: Democratic Senate candidate rips incumbent Hoeven for being out of touch with voters


Minot, N.D. — Is U.S. Senator John Hoeven too wealthy to be in touch with North Dakota voters?

Katrina Christiansen, a candidate for the Democratic-NPL’s endorsement in North Dakota’s Senate race, made that argument on this episode of Plain Talk.

Joining Wednesday co-host Chad Oban and I, Christiansen said Hoeven is too busy living up to Republican talking points from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to focus on North Dakota’s values. If elected, she says she’ll use her experience as an engineer (she’s an engineering professor at the University of Jamestown) to find solutions to America’s problems.

On this episode, Oban and I also talk about the theatrics at President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Is it a good thing for members of Congress to heckle the president of the United States?

No, it’s not.

Is it a savvy move for a politician who wants to get attention and raise money?

Yes, sadly, it is.

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