Plain Talk 146: Senator Cramer Says He Thinks Americans Should Have Their Stimulus Checks by April 6


Senator Kevin Cramer says Congress is aiming to get stimulus checks, a response to the coronavirus crisis, into the bank accounts of Americans by April 6.

That’s what he said on this episode of Plain Talk. The legislation isn’t finalized yet, but he expects each individual to get in the ballpark of $1,200 each. The cut off for the full amount would start at a $75,000 per-year income for individuals, or $150,000 per year for couples.

Cramer says he doesn’t like calling this move stimulus. He says it’s more about “providing a floor for the economy” during a bad time, adding that he’s “not a big fan of it” but will support the payments and other stimulus measures.

Cramer also talked about a recent phone call he had with the ambassador for Saudi Arabia, calling on them to back down from a price war he says is intended to destroy American oil producers.

Also discussed was the impact stimulus efforts will have on the national debt and the possibility of Congress going to remote voting.

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