Photo: Robot army is coming for your minimum wage job


By Bre Payton and Dustin Hurst|

This billboard predicting that workers will be replaced by iPads was spotted over the weekend in San Francisco.

The organization behind it is the Employment Policies Institute, a Washington, D.C., based nonprofit that has been focusing on minimum wage hikes in California.

New SF billboard warns workers they’ll be replaced by iPads if they demand a fair wage

— Hartley Brody (@hartleybrody) July 21, 2014

Its’ website that’s featured in the billboard, titled: “Bad Idea California,” tells of problems with San Jose’s minimum wage hike.

In a survey of 163 restaurant owners in San Jose, 66 percent said they raised their prices, 45 percent reduced employee hours, and 42 percent reduced staff, EPI stated.

This survey seems to oppose the findings that states that have increased the minimum wage gained a bump in job growth, according to data the Labor Department released Friday.

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