Parents, advocates ‘thankful’ for NC’s voucher program


By Bre Payton |

Many private schools in North Carolina continued allowing students to attend classes, even though it seemed those students might not be able to pay.

The state Legislature last year approved a scholarship opportunity fund — a voucher program — allowing students of low-income households to attend private schools.

But the program’s constitutionality has since been challenged in court, leaving families in limbo.

Program money was temporarily frozen twice before the current school year, leading many parents to remove their children from the program.

But schools allowed every student receiving opportunity scholarship to continue attending, said Darrell Allison, president of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina.

Allison gives an update on the voucher situation and lawsuit in the video below.

PEFNC will be giving parents a chance to talk about the voucher program Thursday in Charlotte. More information about “Thankful Thursday” and the opportunity fund can be found at PEFNC’s website.