Omaha House race: The Terry-Ashford silent treatment


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Rep. Lee Terry

If you want to get a cold shoulder from 8-term Republican Congressman Lee Terry ask him about term limits. Specifically, how long should members of Congress serve?

AP photo

State Sen. Brad Ashford

Democrat Brad Ashford’s sore spot is his vote for President. Specifically, did he vote for Barack Obama?

During exclusive on-camera interviews (see video above) Nebraska Watchdog recently pushed the pair for answers but both Omaha House race candidates threw up a stone wall.

Terry’s been dogged by term limits since he took office in 1998 when he promised to serve no more than six years. Now, 16 years into the job, he won’t say how long is long enough—Ashford says members of Congress should be limited to 12 years.

As for his Presidential picks Ashford would eventually respond (he called a few hours later saying he initially felt “squeamish” about making his private vote public) telling Nebraska Watchdog he voted for John McCain in 2008 and Obama in 2012.

But again Ashford’s first reaction was no comment. Terry’s refusal to answer still stands.

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