Omaha House race: Now it’s sex crimes


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Move over Nikko Jenkins, here come the sex offenders.

As it tries to push GOP Congressman Lee Terry over the finish line, the National Republican Congressional Committee is unleashing a new 30 second TV ad attacking Democrat Brad Ashford as going easy on sex offenders.

According to the commercial, “Ashford even supported removing sexual offenders from the state’s registry.”

The ad (see video below) follows Team Terry’s recent commercial blitz which blamed Ashford’s support of the “good time” law for allowing Jenkins out of prison—his release was quickly followed by a killing spree which left four people dead.

Ashford’s TV campaign has countered with ads—backed by a lengthy Omaha World-Herald editorial— arguing that Terry is desperate “to keep his nice house” and that during his 16 years in the state legislature Ashford has been at the forefront of criminal justice reforms in Nebraska.

As for the latest GOP ad, Ashford’s campaign manager calls it “untrue.”

“It’s the most disgusting, vile, Hail Mary we’ve ever seen,” says Kurt Gonska.

By the way, in case you weren’t sure both sides are convinced the Omaha House race is too close to call.

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