Omaha House race: More evidence of Lee Terry’s shaky future?


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Need more evidence that Congressman Lee Terry’s political future is shaky at best?

Congressman Lee Terry (R)

Well consider Nebraska Watchdog’s on-camera interview (see video below) with a top Omaha Republican.

Bryan Baumgart the head of the Douglas County Republican Party tells Nebraska Watchdog he’s voting for Terry in November.

But who did Baumgart vote for in the primary? You know the primary where the 8-term incumbent managed a meager six-point win over upstart Dan Frei—meager in large part because Terry outspent Frei 20-1. Results that arguably give Tea Partyer Chip Maxwell’s 3rd-party run added momentum and fuel speculation that the conservative vote will be split in November, electing Democrat Brad Ashford.

So Nebraska Watchdog asked Baumgart: Did he vote for Terry or Frei in the primary?

Baumgart’s answer? See for yourself.

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