Omaha GOP cuts into Democrats’ early voting edge


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Early voters at the Douglas County Election Commission.

Shortly after Nebraska Watchdog first reported that Omaha Democrats were winning—and winning big—the early voting war, a key Democratic insider wondered if the GOP could make up the difference before Election Day.

Well, the GOP is gaining.

Two weeks ago Democrats held a 3-1 lead, now it’s 2-1.

Here are the latest Douglas County numbers:

Now October 10

    • Democrat: 19,601 57% 10,679 65%
    • Republican: 9,746 28% 3,352 21%
    • Independent: 4,922 14% 2,276 14%
    • Libertarian: 79 (less than 1%) 34 (less than 1%)

As Nebraska Watchdog first reported you have to go back to 2008, when President Barack Obama won the 2nd Congressional District, to find numbers similar to this year’s count. That year Democrats in Douglas County out early-voted Republicans 59 percent to 41 percent.

In 2010 the GOP won the early vote battle 56-44.

In 2012 it was the Democrats, 51-49.

Does this mean Democratic Congressional candidate Brad Ashford has a leg-up on GOP Congressman Lee Terry? Well, it doesn’t hurt. But it would likely be offset by a big Republican turnout on Election Day.

One final note: A registered Democrat picking up an early ballot doesn’t have to vote for Democrats, (ditto for registered Republicans, etc.)—but odds are they will.

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