Obamacare Train Wreck: Hacker Able To Access 70,000 Records On HealthCare.gov


Obamacare may be making health insurance more expensive and harder to get, but at least your private information is wide open for hackers and identity thieves to exploit.

David Kennedy, a white hat hacker and TrustedSec CEO, has been warning anyone who would listen since November that the flawed government website was highly insecure. Now, after using passive reconnaissance, “which allowed [him to query and look at how the website operates and performs,” Kennedy revealed that he was able to access 70,000 records in under four minutes, granting him access to information such as names, social security numbers, email addresses, and home addresses just to name a few. What’s more, he didn’t even technically have to hack into the website at all.

Teresa Fryer, the chief information security officer for the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services, assured the House Oversight Committee that the security of HealthCare.gov was fine, and that “there have been no successful attacks on the site.”

While it may be true that there haven’t been any successful attacks, that doesn’t exactly mean everything is secure as Mr. Kennedy showed.

Retail giant Target has been dealing with a massive security breach recently, with millions of private records stolen from their credit card system. But the thing with Target is, customers can file suit to be made whole again. And they can choose not to ever shop at Target again if they don’t trust the store’s security measures any more.

You can’t say the same things about the government and Obamacare.