Through March 1st North Dakota Has Had Just 5,238 Obamacare Exchange Enrollments


The latest Obamacare enrollment numbers through March 1st were released, and the numbers are pretty ugly. Not just nationally, where enrollments are hitting just 60 percent of the Obama administration’s target goals, but also in North Dakota where enrollments total the second fewest in the nation, just above Hawaii.

Here’s North Dakota’s numbers from the HHS report. The second column is the number of enrollees who reported their gender. The third column is the percentage of enrollees who are females, and the last is males.



In addition to these numbers, I can report that justĀ 5,080 North Dakotans have enrolled in the Medicaid expansion through March 1st according to North Dakota Human Services spokeswoman LuWanna Lawrence. So total, through the first of the month, Obamacare has provided coverage to 10,318 North Dakotans.

There’s no way of knowing how many of these people had insurance previously, or how many signing up through the exchange have actually purchased their policies.

Also troubling is the fact that few of the North Dakotans who are enrolling through the exchange are in the key age demographic. In order to balance off the insurance mandates put in place by Obamacare, the law needs to attract an influx of young, healthy and previously uninsured people. But just 25 percent of the enrollees in North Dakota are in the key 18-34 age demographic, which is the percentage nationally as well.



Some other fun facts from the federal HHS report:

  • Most North Dakotans, 44 percent specifically, have selected the “silver” level plan. The gold plan attracted 39 percent, the bronze plan attracted 16 percent. One percent chose just a catastrophic plan and zero enrollees chose the platinum plan.
  • 84 percent of enrollees are eligible for subsidies