Obamacare leaves AR couple with one place to turn — Obamacare


By Nic Horton | The Arkansas Project

Dallas Henry is a small business owner in Saline County, Arkansas. Before Obamacare took effect, he and his wife had a health insurance plan they loved, purchased through Arkansas Health Networks. But after the implementation of the disastrous health law, AHN ended their program and the Henrys lost their coverage, leaving them only one place to turn — the Obamacare exchanges.

Under AHN, the Henrys were able to get an affordable plan (page 2 here) that fit their needs:

I started my own heat and air business in 2011. We had no health insurance. I heard about Arkansas Health Networks through the state for small business owners. So we checked into it. What we had was 6 doctor visits a year, 7 days of hospitalization a year, 2 major outpatient procedures a year, 2 prescriptions a month with a $15 copay, and we had a $100 deductible with a maximum out-of-pocket of $1,000, and our premium was $50 a month.

Henry said he’s in good health, but his wife recently found out she has a chronic disease. Fortunately, their insurance was allowing them to address these problems in a cost-effective way.

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