Less Than A Third Of Healthcare.gov Enrollees Have Paid Their First Premium


Democrats have been taking Obamacare victory laps after the Obama administration announced that over 8 million Americans had selected health insurance plans through the federal insurance exchange.

The problem, of course, is that selecting a plan isn’t the same as effectuating it by paying the first month’s premium. And according to recently released numbers, less than a third of those 8 million enrollees have done so.

According to all 160 insurers participating in the federal exchanges, just 2.45 million people paid their first month’s premium by April 15. That accounts for 36 states, although high-enrollment state-run Obamacare exchanges — like California with its 1.4 million sign-ups — aren’t included.

What’s worse, those effectuating their policies are not in the demographic most needed to keep Obamacare solvent:

Of those who have paid their premiums, just 25 percent fall within the highly desired young invincible range from age 18 to 34 — drastically lower than the administration’s minimum goal of 39 percent needed to avoid premium hikes next year.

It’s hard to imagine how this policy can be successful based on those sort of numbers.