Christine Pelosi, daughter to Hosue Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, tweeted the above image recently, a play on the Gadsden Flag favored by conservatives and libertarians. It was a very visible symbol of the tea party movement, and had been called a symbol of racism not unlike the Confederate battle flag by the left in the past.

But now a parody of this flag, which historically represents resistance of individuals to the oppression of the state, is being used to defend a massive government program that limits American health care choices.

That’s a fitting turn-about given how we’ve turned the notion of individual liberty on its head.

For instance, within the battle over Obamacare there is a battle over provisions that force employers to pay for contraceptive coverage they find immoral. The left has often equated opposition to this provision as denying women access to contraception. But since when does access hinge on whether or not the law forces somebody else to buy you something?

Consider, too, the battle over whether or not gays have the right to conscript wedding photographers and bakers. Gays, rightly, don’t want to be discriminated against. And whatever we may think of the act of discrimination against gays, do they have a right to demand the unwilling service of others?

Some seem to think so.

“Don’t Tread On Me” was the slogan of a defiant people who objected to infringements upon their individual liberty. It has now been turned into a pitch for a big government program that in many ways perverts the ideas of individual liberty and responsibility. “Don’t Tread On Me” has turned into “Don’t Treat On My Ability To Get Things From You.”

In related news, I thought Christone Pelosi’s mom just said we aren’t supposed to call it Obamacare any more.