Obama To Propose Assault Weapons Ban, Magazine Limits This Week


After just a perfunctory meeting of the gun control task force he convened, President Obama is set to make recommendations to Congress for new gun control laws. According to the Washington Post, what we’re going to get is a new assault weapons ban, an expansion of federal background check requirements and a limit on magazine volumes.

President Obama will unveil a sweeping set of gun-control proposals at midday Wednesday, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets magazines can hold, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The announcement, to be delivered at the White House, is also expected to include a slate of up to 19 executive actions that the Obama administration can take on its own to attempt to limit gun violence. The White House has invited key lawmakers as well as gun-control advocates to appear at Wednesday’s policy rollout, according to two officials who have been invited to the event.

Obama said at a news conference Monday that he would present his gun proposals later in the week. A White House spokesman said Tuesday morning that he could not confirm the plans.

This is happening even though gun violence, and violence in general, in America has declined since the last assault weapons ban expired. In fact, there’s no link whatsoever between any of these policies and actually lowering any sort of violence or crime.

Because the sort of criminals who would use guns to commit crimes don’t buy them legally, submitting to background checks, and take little heed of things like “assault weapons bans.”

Hopefully these tired, worn-out ideas which do nothing but make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment rights will die in Congress.

Update: Apparently the Obama administration is also planning on 19 new executive orders implementing gun control as well:

The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday, the administration’s first definitive statements about its response to last month’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. …

“It was all focusing on enforcing existing law, administering things like improving the background database, things like that that do not involve a change in the law but enforcing and making sure that the present law is administered as well as possible,” said Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.).
The White House declined to comment on the details of what Obama will propose.