Obama Phone Lady Says She Won't Be Voting For The President Again In 2016


In what has to be a perfect storm of conspiracy-addled stupidity, the infamous “Obama phone” lady appeared with Alex Jones today and when asked who she plans on voting for in 2016 she says, with no small amount of smug satisfaction, that it sure as heck won’t be Obama.

The fact that she apparently doesn’t know anything about constitutional term limits (and the fact that Jones seems to think there’s a conspiracy to get rid of them) is hilarious enough, but my favorite part of the interview was when Jones said that people might be tracking her with her Obama phone.

She agreed, and said “They control you because they [only] give you so many minutes a month,” she says.

So, if the taxpayers don’t give this woman carte-blanche on her entitlement phone, she’s being controlled. And don’t try to tell her that nothing is stopping her from, you know, getting a job and buying her own phone and plan.