A Note On Commenting And The Daily Email Blast


Over the past few days I’ve been getting a bunch of emails about a couple of strange technical issues related to the blog, so I thought I’d put up a post to try and help address them.

First, some of you have been having trouble loading the comments to the posts. As you know, the comments section is run by Disqus. They must have made some change to their form that’s causing the problem. If the comments don’t load for you, try refreshing the page. If you’re still having problems, try clearing our browser cache and cookies. That seems to take care of it.

Second, some of you are also having problems with the daily email blast locking up your Outlook email programs. So far this only seems to be affecting Outlook users. I have no idea what’s causing it as I hadn’t made any recent changes to the email template before this started happening. I have made some adjustments since that seems to have addressed the issues for some but not others.

I’m going to keep looking for a solution on my end. I’d recommend that you all make sure you’ve got all the most recent updates to Outlook installed. If that doesn’t fix it, at the bottom of the daily emails is a link where you can change your subscription. If you click it you can change from getting HTML emails to text-only emails. This seems to have fixed the problem for some.

If you need help doing that, email me at rob@sayanythingblog.com