North Dakota’s One-Dose Vaccination Rate Has Finally Passed 50%, but What Can We Do to Get More?


MINOT, N.D. — Back in early May I wrote about the slowing pace of COVID-19 vaccinations in North Dakota.

At the time the one-dose coverage rate for the vaccine — which is the percentage of people who have had at least one shot — was at 46.7%, just short of half.

Today, a month and a half later, we finally crossed the halfway mark. As of June 15, the one-dose rate stands at 50.1%, according to the state Department of Health’s online dashboard.

Why did it take North Dakota so long to hit the halfway mark?

As I noted in May, the pace of vaccinations has seen a precipitous slowdown.

In March it the state averaged 6,013 doses per day.

In April that average was 3,980 per day.

By May we were down to 1,492 per day, and so far in June, the rate is down to just 1,104 per day.

That’s still progress!

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